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Then give details of tariffs using the Apart Hotel Punta Sol. There are different estimates for all apartments.

A different budget is treated for each season.

For the simple studios option with or without balcony

Low Season 70-80

Media season between 90 and 110

Media High season from 120 to 140

High 150-170

Revelion between 235 and 255

For apartments type studio double room option

Low Season 90-110

Media season between 110 and 130

Media High season from 140 to 160

High 210-230

Revelion between 270 and 290

For two-bedroom apartment option

Low Season 100-120

Media season between 120-140

Media High season from 180 to 210

High 240-270

Revelion between 310 and 335

For apartments that are on the ground floor

Low Season 150

Media season between 180

High Season Media 250

High Season 270

Revelion 420

To clarify the dates specific seasons, we leave this information/h3>

Low season from April to September

Mid Season October and March. Vacation and holidays.

Some Medium High Season dates from December, February and March.

High season in January and February

Some Revelion date of December, January and February

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